Demonstrated Success Do you want to learn from someone who has ALREADY DONE what you're trying to do or someone that can only talk about how they THINK you COULD do it. 
From Rags to RichesIf you already have a million dollars to start your subscription website, this isn't the place for you! I teach the ORDINARY entrepreneur how to build a multi-million dollar subscription business on a shoestring startup budget. 
Access to Capital if You Need ItAs much as I love starting creating a business out of nothing, sometimes start up capital is needed. Or, perhaps you need some capital to further expand your existing subscription business and take it to the next level. We have access to capital to help you grow, all while supporting your efforts with an all start mentoring team.


About Chuck Quinton

An extraordinary story of "rags to riches" - now the story can be yours! Everyone dreams of financial freedom. Some are born into it, others have to work for it, most never achieve it. What is your future going to be?

For me, success was the only option and I certainly wasn't born into it. I grew up very poor, living in government housing with my Mom receiving food stamps and government assistance to feed us. I didn't have many advantages growing up, the only thing I had going for me was an absolute determination to be different, to break the cycle of poverty in my family and not be another statistic. No matter what it took, I was going to "make it".

I didn't have some great plan or path to prosperity, just a gritty work ethic, desire and "never quit" attitude. These three things are more valuable than any business idea you may ever have because the reality is that 80% of all business start ups fail within the first 18 months. They fail for all sorts of reasons and the odds aren't in your favor but you don't have to be another statistic either. I'm going to teach you how to be in the successful 20%.

I started my first company when I was 20 years old. It wasn't a smashing success, but it was profitable from day one. Since then, I've started a dozen companies (and counting!) and all have been profitable. Some I've sold, others I've kept, others dissolved, but none failed and none of them ever lost money for the year. Not one.

I subscribe to the Warren Buffett philosophy when it comes to money and investing - which is what you're doing when starting a company - investing:

  1. Don't Lose Money
  2. See Rule #1

I HATE losing money and think that every capital risk you take should be extremely well thought out and have the potential to return 5X. That's my number. In general, I'm only willing to invest $1 if I believe it's going to return $5. I don't always hit my number, but I always get close and I never lose when I invest in one of my own companies.

This philosophy has served me well over the last 20 years, but it takes discipline and a lot of experience to see through the fog and make good decisions. There are lots of business opportunities out there, over 6 million new companies are started in the US each year! And you now know 4.8 million of those will fail in the first year and a half. That number is incredible!

So, why have I bucked the trend over the last 20 years? Well, there's not just one answer, but I've given you a couple already. But those are pretty abstract concepts. You're probably saying "Don't lose money is a great idea Chuck, but how do I DO that?"

Enter the Internet

Undoubtedly, the most profound and impactful invention in my lifetime has been the advent of the Internet. The ability to reach literally BILLIONS of people was almost unimaginable 30 years ago. Now, it's the norm.

Everyone wants to carve out their piece of the internet income pie and hundreds of billions of dollars have been invested - and lost - on seemingly every idea imaginable. People have tried to sell everything from pet food to investment advice online, and yet they still fail. Remember the Dot Com bubble of the early 2000's?

No, just starting an internet business does not guarantee you success. You still have to be smart, you still have to have a great product and you still need a good business plan. It seems some things haven't changed - but one BIG one has.

The Online Subscription Model

I've been fortunate to have the success I've had. It's great to have the security of never having to work again if I choose not to. But the market today is far too exciting to sit on the sidelines. Perhaps I got lucky to be one of the pioneers of the subscription membership model, or perhaps I had the good foresight to recognize an incredible opportunity years before most everyone else and was able to capitalize on it. Either way, the internet world is experiencing one of its biggest shifts in its history as even Fortune 500 companies shift to the subscription model - one I've been perfecting since 1999 and the one I'm going to share with you.

In my mind, the internet subscription model is the only one that makes sense to me and the only business model I'm willing to invest in (remember my 5 to 1 investment ratio?). Why wouldn't you want a business that pays you every month, costs very little to start up and expand, is incredibly scalable and requires very little of your time? How much time? Of course that depends, but I can tell you that my golf instruction website, http://www.RotarySwing.com requires less than 2 hours per week, and generates millions in profits.

Interested in owning your own business like that?

Then let's get started. Subscribe today and get 20 years worth of experience and guidance on how to start and grow your own internet subscription business contained in one place. I'll walk you through, step by step, how to build a business on the most exciting and profitable business model on the planet without having to break your piggy bank!

I want you to be successful and I want you to do it without risking your families nest egg. I'll show you how to build your subscription business:

  • On a shoe string budget
  • How to get it up and running the quickest way possible
  • How to avoid the mistakes that most subscription sites make that cause them to fail
  • What tools you'll need to build your subscription site and how to get them for FREE (or at least cheap!)

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