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Everyone wants to be successful in business but few are willing to put the work in required to make it happen. Perhaps it's because they're lazy, but I personally believe that many businesses fail because the entrepreneur doesn't know how to get exactly where they want to go. If you've never done it before, how could you?

Let's say you're going on an expedition to the Himalayas. Your journey will lead you into unknown territory across dangerous terrain. Everywhere you turn there are avalanches, crevasses and perhaps the occasional Yeti ;-). This journey is going to take three years to cross the entire range but there is a guide who has done this exact route before. Do you go it alone?

Only if you're incredibly brave and don't mind the potential pitfalls such as getting lost or perhaps you take a wrong turn that leads to your peril? A wise man would hire a guide that knows the path like the back of his hand, someone who already knows all the dangerous sections of the route and how to find safe passage.

Finding a Business Coach

The business world can be just as dangerous as a mountain expedition. Not only can you lose your entire savings and net worth, failed businesses have broken up marriages and even caused people to take their own lives. It sounds extreme but it's true. I have the unfortunate experience of knowing someone who take his own life because of his failing business.

One Bad Decision...

I once heard from a friend that we're all just one wrong move from being bankrupt. Another scary thought, but true. What if you had your pension plan entrusted to Enron? Even more scary is that even the brightest minds make mistakes and fail. They over extend themselves, take too much risk, too much debt, try to change the formula of Coca-Cola etc.

Some businesses never make it to their 1 year anniversary, and you likely know that 80% of all businesses fail within the first 18 months. But, you don't have to be another statistic. If you want to be one of the 20% that's still around in a couple years, you need to do most everything right in the critical first three years of your new business. But how do you make the right decisions if you've never been down this road before?

"If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want and copy what they do and you'll achieve the same results."
-Tony Robbins

tony-quote-on-successTony Robbins (check out some more great Tony-ism's) is one of the most influential people of the 21st century. He has the ears of some of the most powerful people in the world and when he speaks, they listen. You, too, would be wise to listen these words. They're common-sensical really. You have two options, try and figure it out on your own or learn from someone who's already been there and achieved success. More importantly, you can learn from their mistakes so you don't have to make the same ones. ALL business owners make mistakes, it's learning how to minimize the damage that determines the outcome. Only someone who has made mistakes and lived to "tell the tell" can guide you up the mountain with true wisdom.

Experience is More Valuable than any Degree

dreamstime_xs_22868437I've had a lot of employees over the years. Some with MBA's and Ph.D's. While these degrees are of value, I'll take someone with real world experience over an MBA any day of the week and twice on Sunday. There's a HUGE difference between someone with experience and someone who has book knowledge.

That's why, if you're looking for a business coach, you should find someone who has already done it - within your type of business. There are countless motivational speakers and business coaches out there who would love to help you grow your business, but how many of them have actually started and grown a successful business? Or are they just selling ideas and concepts that they've never tested themselves? I'd rather have a business coach who's been in the trenches, who's made mistakes and had even greater successes. Concepts and theories are great, but they're useless without real world practical application and testing.

I've believed this my entire life and applied it to everything I've ever done. As an example, when I was a young pro golfer looking for a new coach, I went and interviewed several well known "top" instructors. I put all of them to the same final test no matter how good of a job they did trying to sell me their concepts and idea. What was the test? I invited each one to go out and play 18 holes with me - if they couldn't beat me they were no longer considered for the job.

Sounds reasonable, no? You wouldn't learn algebra from someone who couldn't add, right? Why would you learn a golf swing from someone who couldn't play?

Interestingly, most of the instructors refused to play obviously for fear of embarrassment. They loved to talk the talk but couldn't walk the walk. Of those who did accept the challenge, only one beat me and he did so handedly, shooting a 67 to my 72. I was so impressed by his demonstrated skill and obvious competence and experience level that I hired him on the spot and worked with him for years. He was a great coach.


I still subscribe to this philosophy today. In more recent years, I've hired a racing coach - a mentor to help become a faster and safer driver on the track. The guy I hired? Not only has he been a national champion, but he did it in the exact same car I'm racing. Who will know exactly the obstacles I'll face better than someone who has this type of experience?

If you're starting a subscription internet business, you'll be hard pressed to find someone who has more experience and who has been as successful as I have with this business model. I can't teach you a lot of things, but one thing I can teach you is how to build a multi-million dollar subscription business and how to do it on a shoestring budget while not having to quit your day job!

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