Conversion Rate Optimization – How I Doubled My Conversion Rate Overnight

When it comes to making your online business a profitable one, conversion rate optimization is the name of the game. Conversion rate optimization is the process by which you try to increase the number of website visitors you convert into some sort of member or subscriber. This includes both free and paying subscribers as they are both a critical part of the sales funnel.

When working to optimize your conversions, you must look at every single step of the process. And now, more than ever, you have to understand and look at how users are interacting with your website because it is changing - dramatically.

Just two years ago in 2013 mobile traffic made up only 30% of my overall traffic on one of my subscription websites, Today, that number is 50%! Yep, half of my traffic is from people looking at my website on their phones and I bet if you look into your Google Analytics account you will see the same thing. Why does this matter?

The obvious one for starters is that the screen size is different. Your website that looks beautiful on a desktop may be completely unreadable on an iPhone. The second reason this is critical is that there is an obvious trend of more and more people experiencing the web on mobile devices. We live in an "on demand" world, 24/7 access to the world, and this means we do business AND entertainment anywhere, anytime.

I suspect in the next two years, mobile traffic will be an even bigger piece of the pie, with 60-65% of all web traffic coming from mobile. But 50% should be more than enough to motivate you to make sure your users have a great experience when they visit your site from their phones. If you haven't optimized your website for mobile already, you're already losing money.

Optimizing for Mobile Conversion

Optimizing your website for mobile is critical but also beyond the scope of this blog. What I want to focus on is optimizing for mobile conversion. You see, that slick popup you have that encourages people to sign up for your newsletter may look awesome on a desktop, but have you checked on mobile? Have you then double checked?

For me, I found a couple issues that, once resolved, doubled my conversion rate overnight!

The first issue was a popup that I implemented as a promotional offer. Once again, it looked awesome on desktop, but what happened is that it didn't scale on mobile and so the user was unable to click the X to close it to get to the content (where I have another conversion tool!) nor could they see to enter their email address!

The second issue was a similar but more subtle issue. My home page has a sign up box on it and converts pretty well, but after a site redesign my designer had made it so that the user had to click a toggle button to display the boxes to enter the username and password. I removed the toggle button so that the form displayed all the time. The result?

Conversions went from 2.4% to 37.5% for mobile! That change was just for the homepage, but this change along with a few other tweaks allowed me to more than double overall conversion rates through simple mobile optimization.

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How much would doubling or tripling your conversion rate be worth your your business?

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