Create a Membership Site – Generate Millions????

Sounds ridiculous at this point, or perhaps even cliche`. Start a website and you can make millions of dollars, all while sitting on the beach. Everyone seems to promise this yet, how many of those "trying to sell you something" have actually done it? The reality is that most membership sites don't make thousands, much less millions.

The promise of just launching a membership site and sitting back while raking in millions of dollars is not realistic without following a specific plan - and more importantly, following someone who's already done it. Having someone coach you how to start a membership site that's already actually made millions doing it is the most important key to ensure your success.

But even then, your membership site won't build itself. You're going to have to work HARD at the beginning to get it off the ground. There are so many tasks that you have to do at the beginning that it's critical you follow a checklist. Here are just a FEW of the key tasks that you've got to perform when launching a new membership website.

  1. Come up with a great business idea
  2. Register the domain name
  3. Find a web host
  4. Register a company name
  5. Get a Federal EIN number
  6. Open a bank account
  7. Figure out which membership software you'll use
  8. Buy a site design
  9. Create a logo
  10. Figure out the architecture of the site
  11. Architect the home page
  12. Determine how much your membership will cost
  13. Actually creating your product

These first 13 steps are just the bear essentials and still leave quite a few things out that I cover in detail for my members of Once you take these initial steps, you still have market and promote the thing! After all, what good is your fancy looking new website without any one to look at it?

Promoting your membership site is a whole other issue that I cover in depth for subscribers, but the bare essentials these days require the following:

  1. Superior keyword research
  2. Setting up all your social accounts
    1. Twitter
    2. Facebook
    3. Instagram
    4. YouTube
    5. Google+
  3. Content marketing

And MUCH more. So, assuming you got through the first short list, the marketing list becomes much more sophisticated and requires a more in depth knowledge and skill set. There are countless sites out there that claim to "teach you" how to do this, but again, how many of them have actually done it?

Yes, creating a membership site can generate millions, but it's not as easy as some would have you think. If they tell you it is - THEY HAVEN'T DONE IT! It will take likely years of work AND a GREAT product - which is the most important step in creating a profitable membership site.

Creating a Great Product

One of my greatest keys to the success I have with my biggest membership site, a golf instruction site at, is that I created a GREAT product. It is great in that it is completely unique in the industry, was the first to market and is of the absolute highest quality. People recognize and are willing to pay a premium for a great product and that should be your primary goal in your subscription site, to create the most amazing product you possibly can.

The world and especially the internet is completely full of junk, it's 90% garbage out there, but the 10% that took the time to create something truly great don't have to try hard to sell their product - it will sell itself. Most people are shocked to hear how I've marketed - I basically haven't.

I started the website in 2005 and have never done any paid advertising, however my competitors spend tens of thousands each month on PPC campaigns for one simple reason - people aren't excited about and talking about their product because it's not great and there's nothing unique about it. I use organic SEO and web marketing techniques that don't cost you a thing and last much longer, but to be able to rely on this, you HAVE to create a GREAT product. If you do, a membership site can be very kind to you just like it has me.

As a member, I'll show you how to start and grow your membership site, but if you're one of those polluting the web with spammy junk, don't join! is NOT for you! It's for those genuine, honest, hard working entrepreneurs that want to truly create something great that benefits others and aren't just in it to make a buck. Yes, if you do things the way I teach you, you will make money, but only if you first take the time to do something great!

Ready to get started? Join today and learn how to create your membership now!

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