Quinton Startup Method Business Questionnaire

Below is a list of questions I ask businesses upon embarking on any consulting engagement. Of course, there may be many more that I ask, but this is a good starting point.

Use it as a guide to work through as these questions are pertinent to any membership site starting up or one looking to grow. Take your time to really think through these questions as they are fundamental for any subscription website. These business questions will for the backbone for your future growth strategy and help you understand what's missing right now.

Business Questionnaire For Membership Websites


1. By what percentage are you growing your memberships each month?


2. Has your growth plateau'd, if so, why do you think this is?


3. What are you current primary online marketing techniques - go into detail.


4. Are you currently using video marketing to promote your business? If so, how?


5. How do you currently use social media to engage with your potential customers?


6. What is your customer lifetime value?


7. Describe your marketing niche - what makes you unique in your space?


8. Do you currently do keyword research before publishing new content? If so, what are your primary keywords/phrase you are working on now?


9. How are you tracking conversions now and what is your conversion rate?


10. What is your current content marketing strategy?


11. What is your current SEO strategy?


12. Do you actively blog? If so, how often?


13. Describe your sales funnel - how do you get customers to your site and how do you then work to convert them?


14. Do you utilize an email list and drip campaign? How do you capture the most email addresses?


15. What membership website software do you currently use to run business?


16. Are you currently seeking investments to help grow your business?


17. Do you have an exit strategy for your business?


18. How many people work in your business and how many hours per week?



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