How to Come Up with Your Profitable Business Idea for Your Membership Site

If I just had that one great idea, I could be rich! What if you had come up with Google? Or Roller Blades? Or any other number of insanely profitable business ideas?

Everyone would love to come up with some clever idea to make them a millionaire. Would-be entrepreneurs rack their brains hoping for a moment of brilliance. But why does it never come?

Are some people just blessed to randomly come up with business ideas while others just don't have the vision?

I Have a Secret For You - How to Come Up with YOUR Profitable Business Idea!

Here's the reality about how most entrepreneur's come up with their ideas - it's NOT through some divine moment of inspiration.

It's out of need!

Have you heard the phrase necessity is the mother of invention? Of course you have.

And that's how most great business ideas come to be. Here's a typical scenario played out in a recent real world experience in my own life that perfectly illustrates how many great ideas come to fruition.

I've been building a new winter house in Florida for a while now and we're getting ready to move in the next few weeks. My wife has all of a sudden decided that none of the furniture we've spend a small fortune on will work in the new house!

Ok, no problem, how do we get rid of our "old" stuff? In a word, Craigslist!

But the issue with Craigslist is that the majority of people surfing the classifieds there are looking for a steal. They want to pay pennies on the dollar of what your stuff is worth.

So, if you're selling a lot of cheap stuff and just looking to unload it, then it's great. But what if you don't want to give your nice furniture away for 10% of what you paid for it?

Well, eBay is an option, but how do you ship a sofa? Not that easy nor convenient for most people, so that's not a good option either.

If only there was a website that was geared toward those moving and wanting to sell their nice stuff? Maybe they ship your stuff for you or it is localized to each major city?

And there you go. A need creates a business. Businesses don't form out of thin air very often, they come from a person needing something and he or she finds out there is nothing filling that void.

The Second Most Common Way Businesses Get Started

The second most common way is even simpler. In fact, it's something you're probably already working toward but just haven't realized it.

Businesses get formed by people in the industry they're already in. That's right, the good news is you're likely already working in and expert on the industry that you'll end up starting your membership website.

In my earlier example, I don't know anything about selling furniture, but I can give you another example of how I combined these two concepts and turned an idea into a very successful membership site.

I've been involved in the golf world for over 25 years now and 15 before I started my golf instruction website I started teaching the golf swing and giving golf lessons when I was only 19 years old.

Golf has been a lifetime passion of mine and something I love to share with others. I love helping people improve their golf swings and seeing how excited they get when they make big improvements.

But there was only so many people I could help in a given day giving lessons. There was also only so much money I could make.

What if I could teach people online? Well, giving the equivalent of a golf lesson online still requires me directly interact with the student in some fashion, which again, limits how productive I can be in a day.

What if I could share my proprietary teaching methodology and not have to give individual lessons, what would that look like?

And was born.

It was an industry I already knew very well and it met a need that I saw in the industry. It may seem common place now, but when I started this membership site in 2005 it was unheard of.

There were no other golf instruction membership sites, so I was pioneering a new field.

This is a likely the situation that you will face - ideally it's the situation you HOPE you will find yourself in because there's nothing better than being first to market with a good idea.

Finding YOUR Profitable Business Idea - Look More Close to Home

So, don't be looking to the stars for some amazingly inspiring idea. Look around you. What industry do you already know really well and what needs do you see not being met?

How could you meet that need with a membership website?

Once you figure that out, then you're ready to take the next step and learn how to launch your own subscription website, which is exactly what is all about!

So, click here to learn how to turn your business idea into a profitable membership site!


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