How to Find a Business Coach – 4 Keys to Look For

So, you want to start your own business and you're looking for a business coach? What does that even mean? Do you need a coach in business like you do in sport?

In a word, ABSOLUTELY!

That is, unless you have it all figured out and don't need anyone's help who has been there before you! Of course, everyone can benefit from coaching from an experienced person and that's really what you're looking for when you're trying to find a business coach. You're looking for an expert with experience.

What to Look for in a Business Coach

One of the most important things you need to look for in your coach is experience in your business model. But more important than that is success. You want to learn from someone who has already been successful in the world of business.

Have you heard the saying "those who can do, and those who can't teach"? Well, it's one of my favorites of all time and there is a tremendous amount of truth in it. The reality is that most people who have become successful in business are still out there being successful in business! Why would they stop and start coaching people when they can make more money using their expertise in running a business?

Some people become business coaches because they've achieve great success and are looking to give back to help others - those are truly a rare bread. Others get into business coaching because they couldn't make it with their own businesses and use it as a fall back. Those are the scary ones so run away fast!

How I Got Into Business Coaching

"Well, which one are you?" Great question. Many of you already know my successes in the business world as someone who's started more than a dozen profitable companies, my track record speaks for itself. So, then I must be the benevolent business person just looking to give back to help others. Nope, that's not it either!

While I do enjoy helping other business people and it is a reward, I'm not going to sit here and lie to you and tell you that's my primary motivator. I'm in it to grow a business just like I would any other. So, there you go, the third quality you should look for in your business coach - brutal honesty!

I do it because I like starting businesses and growing them and it's something I happen to be very skilled at, but I don't do it as a charity. This is a GOOD thing. I'm not trying to get all Gordon Gecko on you and tell greed is good... I'm telling you that as your business coach, it will be impossible for me to be successful if I don't help YOU BECOME SUCCESSFUL.

I've never failed at any business I've ever started and of course I'm not about to start now! So, our goals are actually perfectly aligned in your new business venture. I HAVE to help you become successful because I also MUST be successful in any business I start. I have a 20 year track record to protect here!

how to find a business coach

Are You an Idealist or a Realist?

So, you may be an idealist and think to yourself I'm looking for a business coach that tells me he or she is only concerned about my success. But what you should really be telling yourself is that you're looking for a business coach that is EXTREMELY MOTIVATED to help you become successful in your new business venture. And that is your fourth in final trait you should look for in search for a business coach - someone who has the proper motivation to ensure your success.

At the end of the day, your business needs to be profitable. You're not going to learn how to build a profitable business from someone who's never done that before. My qualification? I built a multi-million dollar membership website from scratch and a dozen other profitable business over the last 20 years. My new business, is already generating profits in its first month of operation using my Quinton Business Startup method.

The methodology I've developed is the key to becoming a profitable business right from the start. How many other businesses do you know that can be profitable from day one? It's because I follow the proven method I've developed over 20 years of success.

If you'd like to experience the same success or are looking for business coaching, you have two options.

Option 1 - Join the website and watch my videos as I coach you through how to start and grow your membership website.

Option 2 - Receive one on one business coaching from and get a membership to the videos so you can learn on your own while I coach you each month over the phone.

Are you ready to be successful? If so, stop wasting time. Get started today - profits await you tomorrow!

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