Capital Investment

Have you hit a wall in what you can do on your own and need some outside help? Bringing on an equity partner is how most all businesses to become great. Most businesses at some point will need to bring in outside capital to expand its offerings and choosing the right partner is one of the most important decisions you'll ever make with your business. You're essentially "marrying" your baby, your blood, sweat and tears, to another outside partner. It's a decision that requires a full understanding of your business, it's direction and your new partner.

Most equity partners just bring money to the table and will try and insert some person to act as a board member or director to oversee that their investment is being well spent. This person is usually just looking out for his or her company's investment and likely has little to no experience in your industry.

At, we take a completely different approach. We're a niche capital group, meaning we only invest in a very focused sub-sector of the market. We only invest in internet based subscription/membership based websites. Period. This is the market that we know best and we don't stray from it. Because of this, all our efforts, energy and focus go into maximizing the return in this one industry and that's one of our keys to success.

One of our greatest assets is our subscription website software that we provide as part of an equity investment. This million dollar piece of software has been developed and refined for over 10 years and it's sole purpose and function is in managing every single aspect of a subscription model website. From managing members, to marketing promotions, to paywalls and more, our software is the core foundation upon which all things are built. And because this is the only industry we focus on, the software is continually developed and refined every day to ensure it stays up on current trends. There is no subscription software platform more well developed in the industry, period.

But it's not just our technology, when we take an capital investment in your company, you're getting direct access to the rain makers in the industry. Chuck Quinton will be directly involved in helping you grow your business, guiding you through every step along the way as he is directly involved in the management of all equity partnerships. He also brings with him a wealth of partnerships and close personal relationships from some of the top people in the industry ensuring you get the support you need to grow your business into a game changer.

If you are ready to take your subscription website to the next level and need a capital infusion, contact us at info as and send us your business plan.